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Marianne Brown

8 months ago I ordered flowers from you for my daughters wedding. Time flew by, but I did not want to miss the opportunity to tell you how beautiful and fresh the ordered flowers were. We used blue Hydrangeas, white roses and greens in a ring arrangement with candles in the center. It looked absolutely perfect. Again,
Thanks for a great Job

Victoria Pemberton

Hello David,
I would like to say thank you so much for your great customer services. Thank you for being very friendly, very kind and very patient on assisting ordering flowers. Flowers are very beautiful. I will definitely recommend flowers exchange to everyone whom wanted their parties to be elegant and beautiful. Flowers deliver on the day it was scheduled which is very important. And those colors I ordered came exactly what it shown on the picture. I am very satisfy with flowers exchange services. Once again, thank you for all your kind assistance,
Best regards,

Jaime Mai Houston, TX

Thank you so much for the wonderful flowers! It was my first time EVER to order bulk flowers online but after reading all your testimonials I had no doubt my flowers would arrive on time and fresh.
The weather did try to hold some of the shipment up but you all made sure they were to my door in time for the wedding. They all were so lovely and the roses smelled incredible! And, yes, they are STILL alive after almost two weeks! I enjoyed the flowers so much I’m already trying to find another reason to order again! Sincerely,

Renee Metzner

Thank you for making my parents 50th anniversary beautiful. The roses were fabulous. I was a little nervous about having a seperate shipping address but the flowers arrived right on time.

Sandy Downs

We ordered our daughter's flowers from you for her May, 2009, wedding. They were more beautiful than we ever imagined they would be and we were extremely happy with your prices. She was very happy with the way all of them turned out and they looked so beautiful in our church and reception venue. I will recommend your company to anyone that needs flowers. I have attached some pics. Thank you so much for everything that you did to make her day so wonderful!
Carrollton, MS

Jessica and Adrian

To David and the Flower Exchange
Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service and the excellent flower suggestions. I received my flowers on a thursday and my wedding was that saturday and the flowers were beautiful when we opened them they were everything i had expected and more. On saturday our Center pieces and bouquets looked great and the flowers were fresh and were astonishing we got so many compliments on them.Thank you so much my wedding was beautiful and full of flowers everywhere. i will definately recommend you to all our friends and family.


Dear David.
As promised yesterday, I am sending 3 pictures of the flower arrangements at my son’s reception. Thank you so much for all your help. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Let me know what you think of the arrangements.
With best wishes

Joycelyn Park

I wanted to thank you so much for your part in making my wedding a success. My order arrived on time and they were absolutely beautiful. I was happy to see and hear from guests that took the arrangements that they were still beautiful a full week after the wedding!

Caryn Jeffrey

Good Morning David and Gustavo,
The roses arrived a few minutes ago and they are "perfect" as you said :-) . The colors are exactly the shades we need to complete the bridal bouquets. They are in water hydrating right now, and hopefully will drink properly. The overall look for the some 50 arrangements we will use for the entire church and activity center will be spectacular. Our photographer is a world renown Iconographer from Russia and he will be able to capture the look we have wanted for this wedding for our friends to remember.

My bride saw the other flowers which came yesterday and she was in tears with happiness as they were just what she wanted. The delphinium are opening up today as are the mums and asters so full and beautiful. The purple Callas are the most beautiful I have ever seen. The ivy is fine by the way, it soaked for a couple of hours and then I patted the leaves dry and its in the bucket drinking. I will check on it later this afternoon, but am confident it will be fine.

This was my first order with The Flower Exchange and as a florist for over 25 years I will highly recommend your company to all my associates and friends. The quality of all the flowers I ordered far exceeded my expectations and applaud your growers, and the sales team there who handled my order extremely well. I thank you so very much for the communication and prompt attention to all my questions, and for making Dee's wedding what she has dreamt about for so long. It is impressive this day and time to do business with a company who has integrity and delivers a quality product.

It has been a pleasure to do business with The Flower Exchange. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Thanks so much, and enjoy your day!

Michaele Twigg Mikell

Thank you flower exchange!! I was on a very tight budget for my wedding and decided to order flowers online to try to save money. I used roses to make simple centerpieces for our wedding tables. The flowers were delivered on time and were in great condition. So many guests commented on the amazing colors of the roses and the openness of the buds. In summary: the roses were GORGEOUS!! Thanks for helping this bride have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank! Roses were in colors: Blue Bird, Cool Water, Livia and Vendela

Anne Marie In Michigan

Thanks so much, the quality of the flowers sent last week were exceptional. I was taking a chance, having never ordered from your company before, but from now on i will order for holidays and special events. Everything was perfect, the bells, and alstro opened beautifully, the roses are still thriving. Thank you so much, i shall order again, and shall speak highly of your company in recommending you to everyone. You made this wedding very special. A grateful customer.

Jean Little

Dear Sir,
Last week, I ordered flowers from your company to be delivered today for my parents' 50th Wedding anniversary on Saturday. The gentleman on the phone (forgot his name) was very helpful in advising me on how many flowers to order. The flowers arrived today at 10:30 and are exactly what I wanted and are simply beautiful.
I was nervous about doing an on-line purchase, but I am so pleased with what I received. Thank you so much for your very reasonable and most lovely hydrangeas and roses.

Donna Baker

Just wanted to thank you. As usual the flowers arrived in perfect order and right on time. I have attached some pictures for you to see how gorgeous they came out. The bride was thrilled and so was I.
All the guests commented on how beautiful we made our baptismal font for the wedding.
The empty room with the flowers above the window is where the reception was held. It looked like a Victorian room when it was all set up. Again, thanks for all your help.
Have a great day

Lisa Logan

"I just want to say how pleased I was with my orange gerbera daisies. I ordered them for my wedding bouquets, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but they were absolutely beautiful!! They arrived exactly when they were supposed to. We used every single flower that was sent, because not one of them was of lesser quality than the others. I couldn't believe it! I got so many compliments on my flowers. They could not have been any more perfect, and they were exactly what I had dreamed of for my wedding day. I've attached a few pictures for you. I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation.
Thank you so much Flower Exchange for making my day beautiful! "

Natalie Lauzon

"I wanted to send some pics of the flowers I did using your flowers for your website! I also sent a comment through the website but here are the flowers. Please pass this along to Juan!

Thank you!"

Kori Orlowski

"We tried the diy flowers for my brother and his wife's wedding. It went wonderfully thanks to your flowers and service. We received exactly what we wanted and it was top quality. we received many compliments and the pictures were beautiful. thanks for helping make their day a special day to remember. "

Anna & Dusan

"Hi Juan/Gustavo,

Thank you so much for providing such wonderful service. Our flowers arrived on time and we are very pleased with the quality of the flowers. Here are a few pictures from our wedding."

Rachel Beavin

"I purchased 200 bulk roses in shocking versilla from the flower exchange for my march 29th wedding. I was a little scared at first, i wanted everything to be perfect. not only did the flowers arrive on time, but they were beautiful. i saved almost $1,500 and my wedding flowers were amazing.

Thank you so much!"

Sue Blackburn

"Thank you for your wonderful service and beautiful flowers. Your help with my last minute order was a life saver and the flowers were outstanding. The arrangements lasted over two weeks and you sent many more flowers than I expected! The hydrangeas were huge!"

Andrea Pate

I've been meaning to write to you for quite some time regarding the flowers I ordered for my wedding. They were absolutely gorgeous, and exceeded my every expectation. They received numerous compliments, I was happy to share how little I had to pay for such a large quantity of gorgeous flowers. I kept some of the orchids alive for weeks and weeks after the ceremony. I was sincerely impressed with the quality, and grateful that one of your representatives was kind enough to guide me through cutting them and preparing them to be stored before the ceremony. Thanks again, for making it a wonderful day!"

Mrs. Lee Jandreau

"When we received our flowers we were besides ourselves with excitement. It is one thing for a person who is not in the floral business to be floored by the beauty of your flowers, but every caterer and cake decorator were left speechless with the size and quality of your products especially the roses. when the finally picked up there jaws they would exclaim that they had never seen so many roses of such caliber before. You made my not so expensive wedding look like something that we had spent thousands of dollars on. It has been the talk of this small town. Sincerely and gratefully."

Katy Bel

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the flowers I ordered for my wedding reception and everything arrived in excellent condition! I was very pleased. And great customer service, someone was always on the phone to answer my questions. Again, thank you so much!."

Erin Schulz

"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful hydrangeas that I received for my wedding on June 10th. I was a little nervous because I had read that these flowers can wilt easily and don't always do well being shipped. I was pleasantly surprised to have them arrive in perfect condition. The flowers were huge and gorgeous in color. I had chosen the light blue, dark blue, white and green for my centerpieces. I used just one of each in a small vase, and they looked fantastic. Everyone thought they were done by a florist in town! Thank you for making my wedding day just what I had envisioned. I'll reccommend you to other brides going the wholesale route."

Maggie Townsend (Austin, Texas)

What excellent service! The flowers are beautiful! The quality superb! They were delivered at 8:45 AM eariler than expected. I was most impressed with how the alstroemerias were individually sleeved and the spider minigerberas were also sleeved and the stems were tubed. Great care was taken to package all of the daisys, cremons and novelty green that I ordered as well. I know that my client will be most pleased to see her flowers on her wedding day. Thank you for making my job so rewarding working with with such high quality flowers. So many times ordering online can be scary, but Flower Exchange you are the real deal....You can be assured that this may have been my first order placed with you but it will not be my last..


"I received my shipment today and am very happy with the quality of the flowers and the convenience of using the online service. This is the first time I have done business with the Flower Exchange for my small wedding business and I will definitely be using you again. Thank you so much!."

Ron's Flowers

"Just want you to know what a pleasure it has been ordering from you! Very well-designed and attractive web site; excellent personal service from Juan; and overnight delivery worked as advertised. Overall, a very pleasant experience!."


"To the Staff of The Flower Exchange.
I would like to thank you for a hassle free experience with the flower exchange.
My order was processed and confirmed right away. I am Impressed.
We received the flowers on the expected date and they were in excellent condition.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


"I received my flowers this morning. I wanted to personally thank you and your organization for being so dependable and having such high quality flowers.
I look forward to picking up my business and making more purchases with you.

Orchids by Rachel

"I received my first shipment today, and I have to tell you that I'm really impressed with the rose freshness and quality; I have been in the flower business for over 12+ years and this roses look very good. Thank you very much!!!"

Weddings by Carolina

"Now that I have time, I want to say Thanks! You guys saved my life with the wedding that I was preparing, the orquids arrived exactly as the bride requested and also the white roses where the right ones, Thank you, & Thank you!!!"

April Marr

Thank you for all of your help in getting my order fixed. You were truly a life (and business) saver!!!!! The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and the bride was thrilled with everything.
I will definitely use your business again because of all of your efforts to help. Thank you again and have a great day!"

Sue's Floral Design

I wanted to let you know the roses and all the flowers where outstanding. No problems with them, The 5 star resort I did the arrangements
for were VERY happy. And yes, I did get the account because of your flowers, and you help. I will be ordering soon, I can't thank you enough..... "

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