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1. How fresh are The Flower Exchange.com wholesale flowers?

We ship wholesale flowers direct from the farm.
The boxes are ice packed from the farm and inspected by our quality control department before leaving. Our farms met all the technical requirements. When the flowers arrived to the U.S our quality control professionals inspect all the boxes to ensure that the highest quality is delivered. Our boxes are design to fit the requirements for priority next day delivery, that way the flowers arrive in the best conditions possible.

2. Number of Stems per bunch.

  • Carnations and minicarnations: 10 stems per bunch
  • Roses: 25 stems per bunch
  • Gerberas and minigerberas: 10 stems per bunch.
  • Chrysanthemums-Daisy: 6 stems per bunch
  • Chrysanthemums-Disbuds: 10 stems per bunch
  • Chrysanthemums-Cushion: 6 stems per bunch
  • Chrysanthemums- Micropoms: 6 stems per bunch
  • Asters: 10 stems per bunch
  • Hypericum: 10 stems per bunch
  • Gyp Million star (baby’s breath): 10 stems per bunch.
  • Limonium: 10 stems per bunch
  • Callas premium cut: 20 stems per box
  • Mini callas : 10 stems per bunch.
  • Hydrangeas white and Blue: 10 stems per box.
  • Hydrangeas mini green : 15 stems per box.
  • Hydrangeas Green Premium: 20 stems per box.
  • Hydrangeas white premium: 20 stems per box
  • Hydrangeas purple, hot pink: 20 stems per box
  • Asiatic lilies: 10 stems per bunch.
  • Oriental lilies: 25 stems per box.
  • Dendrobiums: 10 stems per bunch.

3. Can I Place the flowers in the refrigerator?

We don’t recommend the use of regular refrigerators to storage the flowers; fruits and vegetables generate ethylene gas that reduces the life of the flowers.

4. Can I choose the varieties of the roses in my box?

Yes, you can choose the varieties and/or the colors that you want on roses; you can mix maximum 4 bunches per box. In the ordering process you will find a comments field where you can just let us know which varieties you need.

5. How much time in advanced do I need to place an order?

We suggest that you place your order 6 days before the delivery date, and we also suggest that you receive your flowers 2-3 days before the event so they can be prepared; we can take orders up to 2 years in advanced.

6. Can I specify the delivery time?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee any specific delivery time. You can contact FedEx for details on delivery in your area.

7. Do flowers get shipped with water?

We don’t ship the flowers with water, because they have been prepare and hydrated for shipping at the farm. Dendrobium, Cymbidiums and hydrangeas are the only ones shipped with water. Ones the flowers arrived to the U.S they are inspected and prepared in our coolers so in times with high temperatures the flowers can resist and arrived in the best way possible.

8. What’s the size of gerberas?

Premium gerberas are proxy. 3-4 inches across. Gerberas are packed 10 stems per bunch, 6 bunches per box.

9. How are cymbidiums packed?

Cymbidium orquids are packed 4 stems per box. Each stem is considered one bunch; cymbidiums have 13+ blooms per stem. Cymbidiums are shipped with water tubes to ensure freshness. Price is per stem and not per bunch, 1 stem= 1 bunch.

10. Are the flowers Iced pack?

Yes, we iced pack all the shipments to ensure freshness. When we ship tropicals flowers we prepare them for cooler temperatures.

11. Do you offer samples?

We have the smallest pack in the industry, and technically we don’t offer samples, but since our boxes have the minimum bunches you can order 1 box and receive 5-6 bunches.

12. Can I place an order for less quantity than 1 box?

No, we only sell by the box, and basically we always send the flowers as they come from the farm, and we avoid handling the product by bunches, because it reduces the vase life.

13. Do you sell to the U.K?

Unfortunately at this moment we are not selling to the U.K, only U.S and Canada.

14. Can I change or cancel my order?

Changes and cancellations will be accepted up to (7) days prior to the original delivery date. Holidays order changes and cancellations will be accepted up to
(10) days prior to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day or Mother's Day (because of our extremely high volume of orders during these times). Any change or cancellation request must be notified via email. No changes or cancellations are accepted over the phone. In the event you cancel an order keep in mind that the refund will be for the original order amount minus the 30% cancellation fee.

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