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Flowers can brighten up any event or make any occasion extra special. A thoughtful and memorable way to express the feelings of love and devotion, compassion and gratitude or joy and excitement, flowers have always been a traditional gesture of appreciation and a perfect gift or decoration for just about every life event out there.

With so many competitors claiming that they are the best, at The Flower Exchange we simply state the facts about the exceptional quality of our fast, reliable services and deliver only the freshest flowers from our warehouse directly to your house. At The Flower Exchange, we ensure that you receive the most convenient, professional flower delivery services, letting our actions speak louder than words.


You can choose and order from a wide selection of our farm-fresh flowers directly from the convenience of your home, without ever leaving your chair. Save some valuable time and, instead of going to the florist, visit theflowerexchange.com to browse our impressive selection of products and select the flowers that are right for your special event. Our fast and convenient range of payment methods allows you to do all of your planning and ordering from the comfort of your home.


We offer a fantastic selection of quality flowers at wholesale prices, direct from the growers. We bypass the middlemen, ensuring the speediest order execution, fast order/delivery turnaround, lower prices and fresher flowers. While buying flowers from a florist around the corner may mean that the flowers have already been in transit from the grower to the importer to the wholesaler before arriving on a flower store’s shelf, the flowers from The Flower Exchange travel directly from the grower to the final consumer, providing the most direct method of delivery.

Our flowers are processed and packaged in the state of the art refrigerated warehouse in Florida, where flowers are shipped from the farms in Colombia, Holland, Ecuador, Thailand, Costa Rica, California, South Florida (Homestead) and seven other countries.

Our cold chain management delivery process, while transiting from the farm to your home, is a proven way of delivering unparalleled freshness. You will not be disappointed by wilting flowers or yellowing leaves when you open your package. Our process of delivery is extremely convenient and flower friendly. The cold chain management process of quick and hassle-free transportation also ensures that your flowers do not suffer any damage from the change of temperatures while traveling or upon arrival.


We offer an extensive and diverse selection of fresh cut flowers for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasions. We have an impressive range of seasonal and exotic flowers that grow half way across the world.


You are not limited to just one type or color of a flower per every box that you order. With roses, you can customize the color and type that you want, with up to 4 different bunches per box. All you have to do is leave a note in the comment box during your order to ensure the correct selection.

With our diverse, year-round flower assortment, the final creative decision is yours in what flowers you want to feature at your event, how to arrange those flowers and what message you want them to carry. While other flower delivery services offer premade, pre-arranged bouquets, The Flower Exchange delivers flowers in bulk, leaving it up to your imagination to conjure up any flower arrangement you can dream of.


Whether you are a do-it-yourself bride, a wedding planner professional or an event organizer, you are probably working on a budget and do not want to spend more than you need to on fresh flowers for that special day. At The Flower Exchange, we understand your needs and will help you keep your expenses low by ordering flowers directly from the farms. At The Flower Exchange, we offer wholesale roses, hydrangeas, gerberas, orchids, calla lilies, peonies, greens, baby's breath and many flowers available year round at wholesale prices.


Pick up your phone and give us a call for immediate or future orders. There are no extra charges for phone orders. We ship all of our flowers the day before they are due to arrive at their destination.

You can also place your order online and see the immediate order confirmation message upon the completion of your payment and submission of the order form.


To guarantee the speediest delivery of flowers from our warehouse to your door step, we use overnight FedEx shipping to ensure that the flowers arrive fresh and undamaged, as soon as the next day after you place your order with us. In most cases, you can be sure that your flowers will be shipped to you by noon of the same day of the order placement. In some areas, you can even enjoy the same day, afternoon delivery!

We are equipped to handle large bulk orders and deliver the flowers to you in a speedy manner, so that even your biggest and most ambitious event can be guaranteed to be even more memorable.

You can pre-order your flowers well in advance of your desired delivery date, up to two years before your scheduled event, so you have plenty of time to polish the final vision of the perfect flower combination and quantity for your event.


We care about our flowers and ensure that you receive your order in its optimal condition. We ship our precious Dendrobiums, Cymbidiums and Hydrangeas with water tubes to prevent wilting and withering. For all other flowers, we inspect and prepare them in our coolers so they can withstand strenuous travel time and change in temperatures.

When the flowers arrived to the U.S from the oversea farms, our quality control professionals perform strict inspections of all the arriving boxes to ensure that only the flowers of the highest quality are delivered to the customers.


For that special day, take charge of your once-in-a-lifetime event by selecting from our competitive range of wedding flowers, available year round, and shipping them to your desired destination for no extra charge. We ship flowers anywhere in the United States and Canada.

For orders valued over $200, the $30 shipping charge is waived and the delivery is on us. This means that you do not have to worry about any additional fees. You will be paying only for your flowers, regardless of how large your order might be.


If you require any assistance with your order, have a question about any of our flowers or are looking to figure out the needs and flower quantity for your upcoming event, live help is available online in a Live Help section. Here you can chat with our customer service specialists and get the answers to all of your flower-related questions.


For more flower longevity tips and guidelines, you can ask our experts who would be happy to assist you in all of your flower care needs. Alternatively, you can browse our website and find out simple and easy-to-follow directions to prolong the lifespan of your flowers.


Aside from our fresh-cut flowers, we offer a range of helpful resources to help you plan and execute your event. With The Flower Exchange’s library of resources right at your fingertips, you can bypass the costly event planner services and browse our collection of wedding book and DVD’s, all pre-selected for you to provide inspiration, guidelines and helpful tips.

You can browse through a selection of featured categories, tailored to ceremonies, etiquette, honeymoons, wedding planning and bridal showers. From learning the dance moves to that first wedding dance to baking your own wedding cake, the do-it-yourself guides are an invaluable resource that can alleviate the stress that comes with planning any life event.

About Us:

The Flower Exchange is an online service that offers fresh cut flowers at wholesale prices, delivered right to the doors of their customers. Our extensive network of flower farms across the United States and South America has enabled us to deliver flowers directly from the growers to the customers’ homes, allowing us to cut out the middleman and sell flowers in bulks at competitive prices.

By ordering flowers from The Flower Exchange, our customers can not only expect expedient and reliable service but also the freshest flowers they can find. This is due to our improved distribution method that shortens the delivery time from the farm to the end customer.

By purchasing flowers at the florist, professional and do-it-yourself event planners can risk receiving orders that have been in transition for up to 15 days from the time they leave the grower’s farm. Traditional distribution channels that are commonly used by most floral services do not have a streamlined process of delivery. That is, before the flowers reach their final destination from the supplier to a customer’s home, they are transported to an importer or a broker, who then ships the flowers to the wholesaler who, in turn, ships the flowers to the retailer. Prolonged periods of shipping, transportation and changes in temperatures while in transit cause arduous stress on the flowers, lessening their vase life and devaluing their freshness.

At The Flower Exchange, we have streamlined the process of distribution, cutting out the unnecessary middlemen and bring the flowers directly from the supplier to the customer. The order is placed directly at the farm level and is shipped from one of our farms directly to the buyer. Our flowers are never brokered or shipped to a retailer. The time of transit between the flower farms and the end customer is cut down from 15 days to 3-4 days, ensuring that the delivered flowers are the freshest they can be and last longer than the competitors’ flowers.

The sale of flowers online is a very competitive business, with each online service promising the freshest flowers. However, with The Flower Exchange, customers can be certain that they are getting the premium level of freshness and quality at the prices that are lower than at the local florist. We strive to stand out by continuously offering the highest quality of flowers, back up by our team of professionals who routinely inspect, pack and ship each order. Our customer service will help the customers each step of the way, from consulting on the quantity of the order, to processing the payment, to ensuring a timely delivery.

The Flower Exchange team is looking forward to assisting its customers with all of their flower-related event needs. Please browse of extensive selection of product and contact us to receive an expert advice or to place your order.

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